New Bern – A Great Place to Retire!

New Bern is a beautiful, historic town with so much to offer! That’s why it’s no surprise that New Bern made the cover of Where to Retire!

New Bern makes the cover of Where to Retire magazine

We proudly serve New Bern and the surrounding areas. If you know someone who is looking to relocate to New Bern, get them in touch with us! We would love to make their retirement dreams come true with a brand new Kit Corp home!

Beloved Pets and Their Influence on New Home Construction

Are you an animal lover like we are? Check out these special additions to different homes around the world! They are meant specifically for our furry friends… or maybe we should say “furry family”!

Do any of these ideas sound like something you’d like to have in your new home? We can customize any idea and make any design happen when you choose Kit Corp to build your new home!

How to Simplify Your Life, All Year Long

We’re several days into the new year. How have you done on your resolution? Do you even have a resolution for the new year?

Why not focus on yourself and your living space this year? Try not to overwhelm yourself. Small steps and a plan can help you reach your goal. The article below gives a month-to-month break down of little things you can do to help make your home feel more like the home you’re striving for!

After all… when you’re happy with your home and living space, the rest just seems to fall into place! Happy home, happy heart – at least, that’s what our Kit Corp Home owners have told us 😉

How to Simplify Your Life, All Year Long

How to Winterize Your Home

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and joyous new year! We also hope that everyone stays safe today with the snow and ice we received last night!

With all of these frigid temps and weather, how has your home held up to Winter? Have you taken the necessary steps to help cut your costs brought on by the cold weather? There are several steps that you can do to prepare your home for the season.

Winterize Your Home!

Home Builders Association Ball – 2017

We had a blast this past weekend at the Home Builders Association Ball in downtown New Bern!

We are happy to be apart of an organization for building professionals to help continue the American dream of safe and successful home ownership in our local community!

Donna&Billy HBABall2017

Read for Yourself! There is a difference!


The Truth about Design & Construction

Some people have a misunderstanding about the design and construction process. Some think that contractors and designers can read minds and know exactly what their client is thinking. Some think that contractors and designers can work magic and can make all of their clients’ dreams appear in an instant.

In order for your dream home to be perfectly completed, it takes time, good communication, and good collaboration from all parties involved. Durham, NC architect and contributor, Jody Brown, created a fun venn diagram to explain the realities of the design/construction process. Don’t cut corners to do things cheaply, and don’t cut corners to do things quickly. It’s important that things are done the right way. It will be well worth it in the end!



Having a hard time getting in touch with you general contractor?

Have you had a bad experience dealing with a contractor in the past? It shouldn’t have to be a difficult and painful relationship. Communication should be clear and open. You should be up-to-date on the stages of your new home. Your dealings with your contractor should be exciting and informative.

We want your experience to be as stress-free and as positive as possible. After all, this may be your one and only dream home that we’re dealing with! We are with you every step of the way, and we pride ourselves in our exceptional client relationships.

Get in touch with us today. We assure you that it will be a positive and exciting experience! What are you waiting for?


The Future of Home Construction and How Technology Can Help

It’s crazy to think how quickly technology changes our lives. Now, companies are making robots to lay an enormous amount of bricks in a short time – speeding up construction… and are making ‘smart homes’ to automatically increase energy efficiency without a single hassle placed on the homeowner. Who knows where we’ll be with the housing market in 20 years? It’s an interesting start to a better, cleaner, more efficient future.

Read about SAM, the brick-laying robot, and how he is possibly molding the future of construction:

Read about the ‘smart’ neighborhood being tested to improve a home’s energy efficiency:

Let A Professional Contractor Tackle the Job!

Let the professionals build your dream home! We make sure that everything is done correctly and exactly the way you want. You might think it would be worth doing the work yourself, or wonder if there really is an advantage to having KitCorp build your new home… just remember: Yes… there is a difference!

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