Small Custom Homebuilders

Small custom home builders  have had to figure out new ways of doing business in this economy. Construction continues to struggle, and in March the U.S. Commerce Department reported housing starts for single-family homes at a rate of 462,000. But that is a fraction of the 1.8 million homes that were being built at the height of the bubble in January 2006.

While the housing struggle is hard for builders like Kit Corp, there is however a good side to it. We ,as a custom home builder , have re-examined our business. “Survivability and diversification — those are the driving factors ,  small custom  builders are last bastion of entrepreneurs.”  We as small home builders will and can adapt to changing economic times. We have all “gone with the flow” on remodleing. I have personally had more remodeling in the last year than  any time in my past.

So.. If it is remodling your existing home or building a new home, Kit Corp can handle it for you.

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